Job History

Business Analyst, Marion County Office of County Engineer, FL

Accepted a new job position at Marion County working in Transportation for the Office of County Engineers. This is a technical and analytical position, providing business process review, coordination and information system report generation and quality control. This position acts a subject matter expert in software systems such as Enterprise Resource Platform (ERM), permitting, asset management, work orders, service requests, and will coordinate improvements and database management with Information Technology with Information Technology (IT) department of Marion County. I look forward to a new beginning in central Florida and enjoying the outdoors exploring the Ocala National Forest.

12/2020 – present
GIS Specialist, Property Appraiser of Collier County, FL

Work as a team-memember in the GIS-Mapping Department which coordinates with various departments (Records, Land Review, Land Improvements, Condo, IT, and Customer Services) that forms a Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Team environment responsible for keeping up-to-date the County Tax Roll with over 300,000 Parcel records. Monitor and control parcel record change requests from Property owners, various types of Deed Recordings, and County approved Regulatory Processes such as Lots Splits/Combines and Lot Line Adjustments. Daily duties consisted of the following:

  • Examine and traverse recorded metes and bounds legal descriptions and recorded plats to create new tax parcels, rights of way and public easements, verify acreage and ownership, assign Assessor's Parcel Numbers, update GIS database, document work in files. (30%)
  • Examine recorded metes and bounds documents to verify legal description and subsequent transfer of existing tax parcels, document work in files. (20%)
  • Research and reconfigure problem parcel areas within the Collier County GIS when questions arise and/or new GPS control becomes available. (20%)
  • Assist and respond to inquiries from the public for general information concerning location of property, requests for journey level custom maps, or reviewing inadequate legal descriptions. (20%)
  • Assist other Assessor's Office staff or other county departments with requests for parcel and associated recorded document information. (5%)
  • Performs other duties as assigned. (5%)

8/2019 – 12/2020
Sr. Operational Analyst, BCC Collier County - Growth Management Division (GMD)

As the SQL Server database owner (DBO) for the Planning & Regulatory Department ArcGIS Spatial Database Engine (SDE), I helped support operational strategies move in a digital direction. Prior to embarking on this digital transformation, CAD mapping workflows were the trusted standard for all Building and Planning regulatory reviews. I used self-learned Geographical Information Systems (GIS) skills and learned GIS knowledge from the University of West FL, and several years of Information Technology (IT) background to deliver business decisions, operating procedures, and guidance to meet workplace turn-around times for a wide variety of CityView review tasks and activities that required to be learned on the job. I help manage agency-wide GIS features and REST services to support software requirements of the CityView Government software Solution. I assisted in the planning, development, and execution of various business workflow processes involved with Addressing, FEMA, Environmental, Planning, Zoning, and Development Review to develop and improve the electronics plans review process to help streamline the processing of various petition types: Site Development Plan (SDP), Plans & Plat Review (PPL), Plat Recordings (PR), Preliminary Subdivision Plat (PSP) to name a few. Administrative duties I performed consisted of supervising and interviewing CAD and GIS positions to support GMD’s GIS-centric workflows. I also participated in the procurement of new hardware, software, maintenance, services, and training via several Enterprise License Agreements.

1/2016 – 8/2019
Sr. Programmer Analyst, BCC Collier County - Growth Management Division - Building Review

As SQL Server database owner of CityView & GMD ArcGIS Spatial Database Engine, I created and maintained various internal web applications to support Building and Planning Reviewers. I utilized ArcGIS Desktop to plan, create, maintain, and publish internal ArcReader Maps for internal Building and Fire inspectors. I supervised and supported staff for various FEMA related audit inspections such as the Community Rating System (CRS), configured and supported two different types of Disaster Assistance software, ARM360 ( and Crisis Track (, for prevention and mitigation measures during hurricane season. Other technical duties consisted of supporting a legacy Permitting and Planning system, an internal SharePoint site, and public-facing web servers for GMD. I scheduled time for process improvement by reviewing with staff better ways to improve existing procedures when new information is discovered about a workflow process and always look for opportunities to improve existing workflows by using a plan-do-study-act approach.

10/2014 – 12/2016
Sr. Programmer Analyst, BCC Collier County - GMD

Continued SQL Server database owner role for the Growth Management Department (GMD) ArcGIS Spatial Database Engine, where I managed agency-wide permitting & zoning related features and services for various agency and departmental business processes. I also managed and supported a SQL Server database for a Permitting Platform called City View by Municipal software. Administrative duties I performed consisted of supervising and interviewing CAD and GIS positions to support GMD’s GIS-centric workflows. I also participated in the procurement of new hardware, software, maintenance, services, and training via several Enterprise License Agreements.

03/2013 – 10/2014
Sr. Operations Analyst, BCC Collier County - Transportation

Contined working the role of SQL Server database owner of Construction and Maintenance Division of the Growth Management Department (GMD), where I managed and supported Spatial and Non-Spatial databases to support various Operational Road services and software solutions. Cartegraph Navigator was my primary responsibility. It was used Division-wide as the operational solution to manage county-wide Roadways, Bridge, traffic signs, Landscaping, and Capital Project-related features and services for various agency and departmental business processes. I also managed and supported multiple Non-Spatial SQL Server databases for support applications related to managing the health of tree and irrigation, which involved the maintenance and support of a Motorola IRRlnet Control Center (ICC) SCADA system. I also planned and created an internal Capital Project Document Management (PDM) system that indexed the various types of documents to their corresponding GIS feature using a now outdated ArcGIS Flex viewer application. I also assisted in the support of a county GNSS Spider software system by Leica for local surveyors.

01/2011 – 03/2013
Wastewater Sr. Technical Specialist, BCC Collier County - PUD

As SQL Server DBO of Wastewater (WW) SDE, I helped plan and develop operational workflows to support WW asset management GIS efforts. At this time, GIS servers and databases were centrally controlled by the Collier County IT Department. My first GIS task was to migrate an existing ArcGIS 9.3 database to version 10. Working with IT GIS staff and ESRI Professional services, all existing System Valves, Control Valves, Gravity Lines, Force Main Lines, Lift Stations, and Master Stations were entered into a new version 10 database and characterized by defining topological, spatial, and general relationship to mimic how these digital objects really interacted in the real world. The conversion process took approximately 6 months to complete. Next was the planning and development of operational procedures to verify the data migration and data model. We documented our migration process and lessons learned for other PUD departments to consider for migrating their existing data into the new centrally managed Agency IT ArcGIS version 10 infrastructure.

09/2009 – 01/2011
Application Analyst, BCC Collier County - IT

My primary duties consisted of dedicated departmental application support of IT approved software. My knowledge and acquired skills of the Microsoft stack from my programming experience was very helpful in becoming a successful business analyst. With acquired years of IT experience, my intuitive thinking skills took shape. During this time, the ITIL framework and processes were utilized with the CC IT Department. ITIL Training was provided by the IT Department and I passed the required ITIL certification. It was during this time that I began to study and practice the art of project management, which eventually lead me to study and pass the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification exam in 2009. I also started seeing myself as a systematic thinker and worker as I incorporated more and more learned project management techniques (SMART Goals and the Deming Cycle). It was during this time when Collier County (CC) application support required the use of MSSS 2008, which is when I was introduced to SQL Server Spatial data, also known as geospatial data or geographic information. This was my first introduction to a type of data that identified the geographic location of features and boundaries on Earth. I was really fascinated with this new data type and what sparked my exploration of the science of where ( When I started supporting CC applications that integrated GIS features, I was really hooked on GIS Technology.

03/2006 – 09/2009
Programmer Analyst, BCC Collier County - IT

My initial duties consisted of managing Departmental intranet sites and Collier County (CC) internet web applications using Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool. Because CC was primarily a Microsoft environment, I was tasked with replacing intranet sites with SharePoint ( and conversion of custom ColdFusion (CF) applications to ASP.NET Web Form solutions ( I also transitioned the public-facing ColdFusion website to a hosted Content Management System (CMS) called vision internet, which is now owned by Granicus ( During this time, I began to use and learn about Microsoft SQL SERVER (MSSS), which was the primary Database system supported by the IT Department. I supported CF applications that connected to MSSS 2000 databases and transitioned these applications to use MSSS 2005.

Technical Skills

ArcGIS Desktop 10.6
Geodatabase Administration
Geodatabase Design
Model Builder
ESRI Online Web Mapping
Cartographic Design Principles
Front-End Skills
HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
JavaScript Frameworks
Git & Version Control
Testing & Debugging
Responsive & Mobile Design
Problem Solving
Back-End Skills
C# & Python
Linux & Bash Shell
Network security & awareness
Big picture thinking
Database Management
Web Server Management
Critical Thinking
Task Management
Quality Management
Planning Skills
Business Case Writing


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University of West Florida
Graduate Online GIS (Certificate)

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University of South Florida
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Clinical Laboratory Science


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