Mike Dumais

GIS Specialist


I'm a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Specialist with 8+ years of professional GIS experience and 5+ years of Information Technology (IT) experience. I'm interested in all types of visual communication, and especially enjoy using Cartography to communicate spatial phenomenon via static maps, web maps, animated maps, and story maps. I also have skills in desktop development, web development, database design and management, and scripting using various languages, which I leverage to solve business problems.

Graduate GIS Certificate

University of West FL
Certificate (24 Credit Hr)

August 2019
Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science

University of South FL

December 1997
Associates of Arts Degree

Edison Community College

May 1993

GIS Analyst
Marion County Office of the County Engineer, FL

Management of Stormwater assets stored in a Spatial Data Engine (SDE) and ArcGIS Online to support Field and Back-office Stormwater workflows. Digitize Auto-CAD projects into our enterprise SDE. Manage Rainfall reporting and mapping needs for various County Departments. Manage Emergency Response Web Application and Maps for Storm events endangering Marion County. Assisted in the implementation of new Permitting and Planning software by Tyler Technolgy to replace CDPlus and E-Plans. GIS analysis support of NPDES requirements.

Skills: Layer support and creation · Spatial Analysis · AGOL Web Map and Application Development · Project Management · Report Writing · GIS Analysis · ArcMap · ArcCatelog · ArcGIS Pro

October 2022 - Current
GIS Coordinator
Marion County Information Technology, FL

Managed a federated ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise System and back-end resources for supporting a county-wide ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online environment. Supported existing models with Models and python scripts that supported nightly automations. Supported GIS setup of Layers and services for a Tyler Technology EPL Implementation. Created new maps and updated existing existing maps to support Board Meetings.

Skills: WebGIS Administrator · SDE Administrator · AGOL Administrator · SQL · ArcGIS Products · Spatial Analysis · GIS Analysis · Arcpy scripting · Model Builder

August 2022 - October 2022
Business Analyst
Marion County Office of the County Engineer, FL

Asset Management was primary focus using Cartegraph OMS to manage various Transportation related assets along with Labor, Equipment, Material and Other expense related tasks. Assisted in the implementation of new Asset Management and Permitting software by Tyler Technolgy. Utilized ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap to support Development Review Activities and Permitting/Inspection needs. Managed an Emergency Response Web Map hosted in ArcGIS Online during hurricane season.

Skills: Cartography · Map Making · AGOL Content Creator · Crystal Reports · Project Management

December 2020 - August 2022
GIS Specialist
Collier County Property Appraiser, FL

Completed Online GIS Certificate course at the University of West FL. Accepted a new job position in a collaborative and diverse work environment at Collier County Property Appraisers Office. My new job responsibilities now include GIS tasks centered around entry to intermediate level cadastral GIS mapping activities involving recorded deed data to verify, update, or create new parcel information to support a cadastral dataset of various layers that support a county-wide tax roll. I'm looking forward to this new learning experience and opportunity to widen my GIS skills to include interpreting official recorded data and using COGO tools to examine and traverse recorded metes and bounds legal descriptions related to tax parcels.

August 2019 - December 2020
Sr. Operational Analyst
BCC Collier County - Growth Management Division (GMD), FL

Continually learning and applying GIS in the Planning and Regulatory Government work-space is my current routine. I'm planning to graduate from the Online GIS Certificate course at the University of West FL. I also continue to practice database and web programming skills as I learn to adapt to Esri's new program called ArcGIS-Pro and the new flavor of arcpy, which is now using python-3. I also continue to explore cartography using ArcGIS Pro, which is showcased in a new Esri MOOC dedicated to learning Cartography using ArcGIS Pro. I'm looking forward to learning and using this new 64bit GIS software. I just purchased a new video card that better supports graphical needs of ArcGIS-Pro and hopefully, the learning experience will be better with a CUDA core enabled video card.

January 2016 - August 2019
Sr. Programmer Analyst
BCC Collier County - Growth Management Division (GMD), FL

Another reorganization in the Growth Management Department introduced me to the Planning and Regulatory workspace, which was familiar to me growing up in a family that worked and lived in the Building and Construction industry. Building footprints and property boundaries were not new to me. I mainly supported the building review process and an agency application called CityView. I managed the Enterprise Data Engine and the integration of GIS services required by CityView to support the Building Review Module. I also learned to perform GIS reviews, whcih involved reading blueprint, which was nothing new. I grew up reading blueprint along side my Grandfather, Father, and Uncle. What was new to me was the permitting process, regulatory review, environmental planning, and zoning aspects of building. Site development planning was an interesting experience. And in the realm of GIS, was starting to apply the GIS corriculm learned via an Online GIS course at the University of West FL.

October 2014 - January 2016
Sr. Operations Analyst
BCC Collier County - GMD Transportation Division, F

A Transportation department reorganization opened the door for an Application Administrator for an agency asset management system called Cartograph, which included GIS integration for field crews to collect asset information using Trimble devices. I was now involved in maintaining new and existing roadway data that allowed me to continue my map making skills for internal and public audiences.

March 2013 - October 2014
Wastewater Sr. Technical Specialist
BCC Collier County - Public Utility Division (PUD), FL

My main work focus was finally GIS. I worked on a project to convert a Wastewater ArcGIS 9.3 infrastructure to ArcGIS 10.0 and as a result, started to be the dedicated ArcSDE administrator of the new version 10.0 spatial data engine (SDE). Making maps with data being collected and maintained began a learning process into Cartography that continues today with Esri's new flagship program, ArcGIS Pro, which is a better map making experience for me as compared to using ArcMap for Cartography tasks.

January 2011 - March 2013
Application Analyst
BCC Collier County - Information Technology (IT), FL

Main focus was Application & Database support and delivering services, products, and customer exspectations with the help of new learned skills in Project Management, which I acquired when studing for my Professional PMI Certification (PMP), which I acquired in 2009. My PMP Certificate # is 1634944. Some of my projects involved GIS related deliverables which allowed me to continue exploring GIS via ArcObjects and making web maps with a now old out-dated Flex technology. I was also introduce the ArcGIS for Developers website and continue today to participate with today's tutorials.

September 2009 - January 2011
Programmer Analyst
BCC Collier County - Information Technology (IT), FL

Although my main focus was related to Microsoft related technologies such as converting ColdFusion websites to ASP.NET, Sharepoint, SQL Server Reporting Services, backend Sql Server DB support, an introduction course on ArcObjects with VBA at USF in Tampa was when I started learning about GIS.

March 2006 - September 2009


ArcGIS Pro

Model Building and Arcpy Scripting


Geodatabase Administration & Design



GIS-4043 Introduction to GIS

This map involved some spatial analysis where I examined locations, attributes, and relationships of features in spatial data through overlay and other analytical techniques to obtain knowledge of campsites near other features (roads, lakes, and rivers) that might be helpful when selecting a campsite. Proximity Analysis answers questions like what campsite features are near other features, such as streets, lakes, and rivers. The outcome of proximity analysis is the generation of new information as the result of taking one or more actions on a set of features described by some criteria. I put this into action when obtaining useful camping information. GIS overlay tools combine features and attributes from multiple layers to create new information. Both the geometries of the features and the attributes of those features are carried through the overlay process.
gis analysis

GIS 3015 Cartographic Skills

In this class, I learned to graphically communicate via artistry, symbols, fonts (typography), and balancing all primary & secondary (figure-ground) objects in a pleasing way based on the map purpose and intended audience. In this map example, I applied a few design principles (simplicity, context appropriateness, and pleasing appearance) and several aspects of map composition (visual balance, focus of attention), which is the arangement or organizaition of map elements.

GIS 4102 GIS Programming

I've used this model for many years as an Enterprise GIS GeoDatabase administrator. It's an Esri good practice for maintaining a geodatabase. As a geodatabase is edited over time, the adds and deletes tables increase in size which can negatively impact database performance. I've also exported this model as a Python script and executed it as a nightly task by creating a Windows scheduled task. Automating various geoprocessing tools in a script during available network maintenance windows will help ensure your GIS customers have a responsive experience.
programming - python - arcade

GIS-4035 Remote Sensing & Photo Interpretation

This statis map deals with Remote Sensing. It is the result of learning the basics of ERDAS Imagine and properties of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), the source of energy recorded and analyzed in all types of remote sensing. ArcMap 10.3 was used to display the output of preprocessing (subset) an advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite image using ERDAS.
visual image interpretation

GIS-4035 Remote Sensing & Photo Interpretation

This statis map deals with Photo Interpretaton. The image reminds me how-to use various recognition elements to visually interpret aerial photographs by using the tone and texture of aerial photographs. Tone describes the brightness or darkness of an area. Texture deals with how smooth or rough the surface appears.
visual image interpretation

GIS-4930 Special Topics in GIS

This is an example of a web map that was created with the following Open Source software:QGIS , leaflet javascript library, and Mapbox. It can be viewed here.
open source software

GIS-4930 Special Topics in GIS

This web map is the result of a four students working together to complete a group Mountaintop Removal project that was created with Esri Online. Students started with 4 overlapping Landsat images; and this web-map is the outcome. I'm a group member and labels will appear when you zoom in on the map.
esri online web map

GIS-4930 Special Topics in GIS

This is a story map journal is made up of different types of slides (graphic/image, map, web map, video, etc). Each slide is a navigational component that has two parts: a descriptive part and visual part, which is the main visual part of the slide component. It's a great way to capture you map user's attention.
story map journal

Subdivision Plat Map

GIS-4048 Applications in GIS

This course provided a balance between the "how-to" of using ArcGIS Pro and the "why" of GIS by explaining the roles GIS technology plays in analyzing local, regional, and international problems. Major course components included computer representation of geographic information, the construction of GIS databases, spatial analysis with GIS, application areas of GIS, and management issues concerning GIS.
Urban Planning projects

GIS-4944 Internship

During this semester I continued to apply learned GIS skills at work, focus on learning ArcGIS Pro, and build a web-enabled version of both a profile and resume. I experimented with various types of templates that I discovered on the internet. This website that you are currently viewing is my work-in-process profile, which contains links to a web version of my resume and a downloadable version of my resume. Of all the templates I created, this one works the best for a shared low-budget student hosting account through sitegrounding.
gis - html - css - js in action

Subdivision Plat Map

(Prototype) - Zoning Map

During my internship, I also finished a prototype web application to assist plans reviewers examine both approved zoning and plat recordings based on the assets created in the GIS department by several existing internal workflows. I built the app template with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ArcMap was used to create the map exports that the template app displays for various internal and external business processes.
gis - html - css - js in action





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